How I explain what I do, to my 6 year old and the dreaded elevator pitch
What’s your elevator pitch?

What’s an elevator pitch? It’s a super short, powerful, few sentences about what you do each day. Its the answer to the question THAT person asked “So, what do you do?”. 
Why is it short? Well when you are stuck in an elevator, going up, and you get the question thrown at you, you’ve only got so long before the other person or yourself jumps off at the next floor. 

I don’t ride elevators much these days, but I still keep it brief, peoples attention spans are short – or more likely – my child interrupts. 

Yes, I know you’re a stay at home mother, but you still do ‘things’ that isn’t mother stuff, right? Well if you’re not, that’s a different conversation you need to be having with me. 

Whether you have a paid side gig or not, have you ever tried explaining what you do, outside of being a mother, to your young children? What about that other mother that you starting chatting to at the grocery check out? Or the book store clerk questioning why you chose what you did. You know, all the nosey peeps.

Years ago, explaining that you baked bread or sewed clothes or put electricity in peoples homes, when work roles were more simple, I guess that would have been much easier.

So, instead of staring back at THAT person, possibly muttering “oh, nothing”, give em something to ooh and ahh about.

What are your super powers? What do people love so dearly about you? Yes, all those special words people use to describe you. 

Its not arrogant shouting our own praises when people ask – not even close. They asked, they want to know. Fill your cup with self love and self worth, whilst sharing your glow with others. You’ll walk away with a big smile on your face. Trust me. AND be proud to own your day job - you are doing an AMAZING thing. 

So, my elevator pitch to my 6 year old or the person at the check out?

I spread joy. I listen with my heart. I encourage others to dream BIG.

What would you say?

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Need to have that conversation with me about doing ‘things’ that isn’t mother stuff. I'd love to chat with you about that too.

xx Natasha
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