I am the only one who can give my family a happy mother and bring joy to my life
Yep. A bit of tough love today.

If you are living life by default, usually someone else’s default or resent something in your day/week/life – you have no one else to place ownership of this – except on yourself.

Yeah, it’s a little harsh, but it’s the truth.

I have held a mantra for MANY years – if I resent something, change it.

When a behaviour of mine or another’s, when an action of mine or another’s, or when something doesn’t work out – didn’t get my me-time, didn’t lose weight, didn’t get to socialise with friends, didn’t …. Fill in the blank – these are in my control to change or accept.

My little flow chart to happy has been in my brain for years, but now its time to get it on paper to share with world. I made a pretty picture to go with it - thats below.

Ideally this is how it goes / flows.
  • If I resent something, I change it.
  • If I don’t want to change it, I ask myself why? Can I shift that excuse instead? If I can’t, then I accept it instead.
  • If I truly can’t change it, then I accept it. I work on what is mine to control or to change.
  • If I get to the part I question why I don’t want to change something, its usually one of a few things. Self-sabotage, fear, lack of focus, laziness or anger – lots of other reasons, but these are mine.
When I work through this in my mind I identify what I need to act on or let go of.
  • When I know what I act on, I create a plan.
  • When I have a plan, I am in control and focused.
  • When I am in control and focused, I can conquer the world. Well maybe that is just how I feel, but I’ll take it.
Give it a go sometime and let me know if it helps. If you get stuck at any of those points, let me know that too - I might be the queen of unstuckedness. Is that even a word? It is today!   Organise a free lets get unstuck chat here.

 xx Natasha

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