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The B-Earth Institute

Do your children enjoy learning from nature, real-life experience, natural rhythms, hands-on activities, storytelling, painting and handwork with natural fibres? The Earth Schooling Curriculum is an award-winning and diverse curriculum that offers core blocks, lesson plans, teacher support, and Living Lessons. These complete lessons take you through an entire year of any grade (preschool through high school) with different themes every month. Lessons include recipes, a bread of the month, writing, science, math, appropriate lesson blocks for your child’s age, handwork lessons, nature crafts, nature walk ideas, and more. 
A perfect accompaniment to unschooling, home-schooling or Waldorf families.

Conscious Language : The Logos of Now
The Discovery, Code, and Upgrade to our New Conscious Human Operating System.

How much power do our words really carry? Is it possible that our words-the air that we invite into the deepest recesses of our body and then carefully expel through the sacred organ of our vocal chords-have a power that is so great that it was intentionally confused over 5,000 thousand years ago? What would it mean to re-discover the secret of the language that heals our deepest hurts, breathes life into our greatest joys, and literally creates Reality itself? The result of over thirty years of research and the experiences of many thousands of people, Conscious LanguageTM - The Logos of NOW is the premier guide to conscious language in the 21st Century... keep reading about this life changing book online. Link below!

The Heart-Centered Woman's Guide to Healthy Boundaries
Discover the Upward Spiral that can save your life, heal your relationships and break the cycle that is sabotaging your success. 

Are boundaries selfish? Will they ruin my relationship? Will I hurt someone? Which boundary is appropriate? What if I lose people? How do I stay grounded in my conviction to love and serve others as I establish them? .... keep reading about this incredible book online. Links below!

Yoga & Meditation Courses & Classes
In-person or Online!

Whether you are a yoga beginner or deeply dedicated practitioner The Yoga Space have classes and programs for you. 
The Yoga Space, is a vibrant and inclusive community – run by authentic and experienced teachers. Founded by Jean Byrne PhD and Rob Schutze PhD Yoga Space is also home to Australia’s largest yoga outreach program.  
Not just another online yoga class, but via zoom to your place of home or work - where ever you are. The best bit - it's different class every time - its not pre-recorded - with guidance if you require it!
First week is free - Give it a try and cancel anytime. 
New students can also get a month of unlimited drop-in yoga for only $49.00 (AUD). In-person from their West Perth studio - online anywhere in the world!

Fluoride, Chlorine and Heavy Metal Home Water Filters
Either you are using a water filter or your body is one!

Concerned about fluoride, lead, micro-plastics, chemicals & heavy metals in your water? So am I. 
Your body is around 70% water. Clean water is essential for maintaining good health.
Turn your tap water into alkaline, ionized, mineral water. Premium water filtration with 99.9% removal of most tap water contaminants including fluoride.
Waters Co have been in the business of high quality water filters for over 30 years. 
I love the water taste and simplicity to use.

Toilet Paper, Kitchen Towel, Tissues & Dish Clothes
Save the environment, one roll at a time!

Who Gives A Crap donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets because they believe access to a safe, dignified loo is a basic human right. Thanks to their amazing community (that’s us!), they have been able to donate over $8.3 million to help provide proper sanitation for the 2 billion people in need. Now that’s a lot of toilets!
Apart from an amazing cause, WGAC are B Corp™ certified for the highest standards of social and environmental impact AND good for your bum - they don't use any inks, dyes or scents.
Loo paper, kitchen roll, tissues, dish clothes... all that support the cause and your bum!

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