No matter how successful we are, we all need a hobby

No matter how successful we are, we all need a hobby
So, I recently discovered that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and I share something in common - and no, it's not our equally bulging biceps, yet playing the ukulele.

He’s actually incredibly fun to listen to. I reserve the right to not comment about my audience’s enjoyment 😉.

Anyway, I know I've chatted about hobbies before, but the point is, no matter how successful we are, we all still need hobbies. Hobbies are for all of us. Successful people with hobbies remind us that even they, peeps with all the money you’d want, fame, etc, they still want fun in their life. Still NEED fun in their lives.

Hobbies bring joy to our days that our day jobs don’t quite bubble up. You can have a day job that does not spark joy, and is purely there for paying the bills – but pair it with a hobby you love, that creates flow, that provides passion – and you’re winning.

So, what hobby? With what spare time?

Yeah, I said that too.

So, I did an audit. A time audit that is. I did have time it turns out. 

So, then I needed to figure out what hobby.

The idea of me-time, investing in myself, fun-time was so ridiculously foreign is made me giddy. It was such a long time I did anything truly for myself, that I had no idea how that felt, nor what to do.

So I thought about things I enjoyed as a child, what piques my interest from friends on social media, and what they were up to. THEN I paired it with my budget and time constraints I had PLUS something that could be done without the need of a babysitter.

So, voilà! I present to you the ukulele.

So, if you find joy not sparking in your day, then find yourself a hobby.

Other bonuses of having a hobby include stimulating your creative juices, working your mind (use or loose they say 😉), increase in fitness or physical health, reduce stress, gain friends, and so much more.

On a side note – don’t think of the time you spend on your hobby as ‘spare’ time. Its not a spare activity. It’s a conscious activity and a conscious use of time for filling your day with joy, creativity, intelligence, mental and physical health – and just enjoying life. Its priority time really.

What do you do for a hobby?

Want to know more about my time audit or how I picked the perfect hobby? I would love nothing more to chat - its another hobby of mine - so get in touch here.

Play on xx Natasha

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