My simple trick to my day feeling different - GOOD different

My simple trick to my day feeling different - GOOD different
Do you wake before your children? 

(sub husband, animals, housemate in their if you don't have children or your children have left the nest)

And waking before your children, because you need to leave the house before they are awake, doesn't count.
I choose to wake before my children because it is the perfect time of the day to ready myself and my mindset for the day ahead.  


Not only do I feel like I have already accomplished things for myself before the day has disappeared into chores and children, I've got my mindset right and ready for my children. Bonus is you might find being kind/patient/warmer to the kids is easier now, that you've grabbed some me-time. 

Actively re-connect to yourself in the calm and quiet time of that part of the day... and if there's availability left over, catch up on some emails, pay some bills, read the school newsletter, get some work done, WHATEVER floats your boat, but I will promise you, your day will FEEL different - good different - simply because you started it this way.

How do you get into this rhythm? there's a few ways. 
1. set an alarm 15 minutes before your children typically wake and slowly build up the time from there, to an hour or more.
2. start going to bed earlier (but you need to be falling asleep earlier, not just scrolling your phone) and over time, you will, I promise, start waking earlier.
3. just set the alarm for a time, and hour before your children typically wake, from the first day, you may yawn a little for the first few days, but you'll be motivated to get to bed earlier, and start the body clock shifting sooner.

Stuck for ideas on how to re-connect with yourself?
- meditate
- listen to some music
- yoga or other mat work
- hand crafts
- journaling
- drawing or other art

15 minutes can be all it takes, time to yourself, to make you and your day GLOW.

Got a block on this one? And not the chocolate kind. Need some help figuring out the why on the block? Set up a chat.  

No blocks? Let me know how you go.

xx Natasha 

ps: I wrote this before the children woke up. Just saying.
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