Cultivating Peace at Home + DIY Recipe just for You ;)

Cultivating Peace at Home + DIY Recipe just for You ;)
This week my small boys were back at school after a 3 week break. Love to have them at home, the years go waaaay too fast, but I was really craving some Natasha time again. So, mixed feelings for me really. With our school only a few short kilometres away, the three of us have been commuting by bike, enjoying the beautiful weather our winter has been giving us.

The downside to riding to and from school, is that they have been EXTRA tired. And to top it off today, they started fighting with each other for my attention. You can hear me repeating myself over and over - ‘I have two knees for a reason – one for each of you’ – but it does get tiring. All of you mamas with 3 or more children – massive respect to you all.

A few things I got back into the swing of this week was making sure dinner prep was done before the short fellas were home from school, my energy was restored enough so I could listen with love to their meltdowns when they happened, and ate well so I wasn’t all things crazy and moody from too much sugar! (I’m a keto lover, but more about that another time).

I also love blasting out a bit of Peace & Chillax in the home diffusers. Yes, that’s plural. I don’t even need to say anything, the oils do the work for me. I actually had this oil blend going overdrive the day after Easter this year – man, their sugar hangovers were dangerous – and yes it worked a treat.

When I need peace at home, I’m quite happy to reach for the easiest option most days. That's a diffuser!

Try this diffuser blend at home for your crazy days that need calming.
2 drops Orange
2 drops Tangerine
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Patchouli
1 drop Chamomile
It’s important to know that not all essential oils are created equal—you can’t just go out to a retailer and trust that you’re getting the good stuff. Lucky for you, I’ve got a source I trust—and they’ve also got a super-mama daily drink that’s got me feeling 10 years younger. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Comment below and tell me how you cultivate peace at home? I am always looking for new ideas!
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