Meal prepping and me-time hacks - Tell me yours!

Meal prepping and me-time hacks - Tell me yours!
I’ve just spent the morning meal prepping. When my husband is home from work, I get to play in the kitchen!

I love being in the kitchen. It’s a comfort zone for me and precious me-time. I also love meal prepping for dinners because it gives me a sense of control and being prepared, for what usually is an out of control time of the day – feeding time at the zoo - I often call it.

The best part of today’s kitchen time is getting organised for a week away camping (or more accurately glamping 😉). Our family gets out bush a lot. We love it. The fresh air, freedom, dirt and exercise just makes us all so happy. I even squeeze in some knitting!

Our bush camp sites usually garner a few other children, similar ages to my own boys, to share the fun with. Plus this usually then gives my husband and I a chance to chat adult, with ourselves or with other parents - something that we miss out on in a typical week being a FIFO family.

The little things, like keeping up (adult) relationships with friends, is one of the small challenges of being a FIFO family. There are always opportunities to get a play date in, assuming energy exists, but it isn’t really quality conversation for myself. 

Even when the weather is sour, and the energy is low, we make a big effort to get the camping trips in, as we all come home grounded and energised – and the added bonus of having had the opportunity for quality connections with other adults.

When I’m home and need grounding, a little me time, when my husband is away, a bike ride will usually be a good quick fix. If I need to burn some energy, I will send the boys to the playground ahead of me, on their bikes, and I will walk. 
Its amazing what some fresh air does for everyone’s mood!

I’d love to hear how you squeeze in your me-time and adulting opportunities when you’re without your village.

Oh, and if you are just a little bit curious, I've cooked up pasta sauce, chicken curry, cookies and the chocolate cake is on its way!

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