Are you smart about your goals?

Are you smart about your goals?
Progress, not matter how slow, is progress. Progress over perfection, well that's another topic for another day. BUT don't be saying to yourself in one year from now - If only I just started a year ago...
If the thing that is stopping you starting on your goals, to grab your dreams, is the follow through on the goal you set, it is possible that the goal wasn’t a smart one?

Huh? You say.
A good way to write or set your goals is to follow the SMART formula created in 1981 by George Doran. 
Specific—The goal should contain actual numbers, amounts, sizes, or other well-defined terms you want to reach. It would be understandable and clear to anyone else, and is memorable to you.
Measurable—When your goal includes the specifics above, you can actually measure whether you’re close to achieving it or still far away. You can keep score and track your progress. But most importantly, only if it’s measurable will you be able to determine when you’ve achieved your goal. 
Accountable—When a goal is specific and measurable, you can be held accountable to it. Find someone who supports you and who will keep you accountable to the goals you have set for your life.
Realistic—Where dreams are huge, intangible, and often feel unrealistic, goals need to be set in a way that they are doable with the resources, knowledge, time, and money you have available— or those you could acquire.
Time-Based—Perhaps the most important characteristic of a goal is that it includes a date and time by which you’ll achieve it. By January 1 at 12:00 midnight, you might write, I will have completely paid off my $68,000 in credit card debt. 
If you've followed the SMART way before, awesome, yay you! You'll know that it works. If you haven't, and this all mumbo jumbo, get in touch - I can help you set the goals, to get you started and grab those dreams! Organise a free chat with me here to see if I can help.

xx Natasha

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