What I did to ramp up momentum on my life balance journey

What I did to ramp up momentum on my life balance journey
One of the most powerful things I have been able to do to get momentum on my journey to life balance, was to release my mind from the daily triggers of overdue, outdated or incomplete tasks.
So many times I have walked into a room and noticed the instant downward energy shift. Whether it was a cluttered work desk. Boxes and baskets with clutter I have harvested from the floor, with good intentions to sort later. Leggings I have put on, only to find the thigh seam has blown out, again. Admittedly I did repair them 2 times already. Or a utensils drawer with spoons, spatulas, tongs, 3 times more than I need. Book shelves overflowing. I haven’t even touch on my emotional clutter. 
So here’s some ideas. You might have heard the last one mentioned before. 
Fix it. 
Replace it. 
Mend it. 
Deal with it. 
Discuss it.
Sort it. 
Store it. 
Delete it.
Gift it. 
Throw it. 
Just do it.
I know first hand the I need to deal with the things that subtly drain my energy, before I can welcome upscaling in my life. 
Not only are my unfinished tasks sapping my energy - every time I walk into my home, talk to ‘that’ person, or need to use ‘that’ item - these half-finished, half-fixed, half-sorted, half-mended items are also unconsciously become my limiting belief: What makes me think I can own a million-dollar mansion if I can't even get the screen door fixed or change the air conditioning filter? 
Who has
- got things around that house with broke or missing parts
- family members that have a conversation needing to be had
- neglected personal health that bothers you
- household repairs that keep getting put off to another day
- past business activities that need closing out
- emails overflowing their inbox
- got overdue car maintenance or repairs
- got unpaid debts or financial commitments
- misplaced tools or supplies
- folders and folders of photos or file on their pc needing a place
- unfulfilled promises to keep
- clothing in disrepair
- overdue apologies or forgiveness
Here's an idea. Why not trade time or child minding or organise a weekend work day with friends or family - so we can help others move forward with their lives too. Crank the music and help each other garden, declutter and connect all at the same time. 
Have you ever heard of the idea of erranding? Well, I might have just made it up. But think about the idea of running errands with a good friend. Get groceries together, smash out those to-do tasks, but together with someone else. Stop half way for a cuppa. The tasks need doing, you’ll be decluttering your to-do list and get some time with a bestie.
Once I started actively decluttering, I made physical and emotional space for new things to enter my life. Good things too. Try it yourself. I also noticed an increase in positive energy, a more optimistic outlook and it rubbed off on the children too.
Let me know what you started decluttering first? Trust me, I would love to hear, i get excited about this kind of stuff.

Off you go. I challenge you to clean out that utensil drawer - get rid of that heavy baggage 😉

If you don't know where to start decluttering first, I am only a phone call or email away. I can help with that. Get in touch here.
xx Natasha
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