And the real reason I froze, was self-doubt - what authority do I have to write about motherhood?
I was invited to contribute a chapter to a book collaboration recently. The chapter I was to write about was success in motherhood. 

I jumped at the idea. Then I froze. What the heck did I just get myself into. I had entered the puke zone.

I jumped at the idea, because that’s what I do. I love to help, and I thought I was being helpful saying yes. But I also have FOMO. What had I done?

And the real reason I froze was self-doubt.

I’m not a writer.
What authority do I have to write about motherhood?  
No one will want to read my chapter.
What if its crap?
Oh, the excuses kept coming.
They still do, when I go to tell someone about this little win.

I procrastinated for many MANY weeks to write it, all because I was afraid about what others would think. I was worried my friends and family would criticise my writing skills, my story, and question its authenticity, or be offended because that’s not how they saw it.

Over the years I had become someone that would censor my words, modify my opinions or cut out full sentences, just to keep the peace, appease friends and family and to not offend. Well that was stressful. Really stressful. I didn’t realise how stressful it was, until the ‘publish now’ button was hit and the book was out there for the world and my words were real and uncensored.

It felt good. It felt really good actually. I still have some dialogue going on in my mind ready to blurt out at the first person asking why. But that’s insignificant to the liberating sensation feeling being heard, and my story being told. 

You should try it one day. Write a blog even. It’s a step, a big step to being loud and proud!

My next book, all of my own, is coming soon. I’ll enter the puke zone all over again, but I will come out the other side, prouder than I am now.

I had a goal for this year is to be seen and heard. I am pretty sure I am ticking that one off nicely. 

You can grab my book from the collaboration here.

Oh, and it turns out I am a writer and I have PLENTY of authority to write about motherhood. I am a mother for starters.

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So, Get a (passion in) Life. Natasha xx
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